Substance & Style Abuse

I'm masculine. I'm feminine. I'm gay. I'm straight. I'm bisexual. Or is it pansexual? Humans and their silly words and labels. All those concepts swirl around at warp speed for me and all of them mean something to my identity. I'm just a guy who loves sexuality, sex appeal and fit bodies and all other array of beauty. I'm here to celebrate all of it. Including my own progress in fitness and my own unique expression of sex appeal. I'm a masculine guy with some homoerotic, feminine secrets and unique style that I'm saving up for just the right guy. I'm only very recently out of the closet and getting a brand new lease on life. I'm confident that when I find the right guy I'm going to knock his socks off. I aim to be the hottest and sweetest, most sought after bottom you've laid your eyes on. That desire permeates my body and spirit and it motivates me to no end. I'm new to my sexuality and I have profound needs and well developed fantasies I can not wait to act out in life. I want to be adored by a beautiful boy who loves him a sensual, caring and uber sexy bottom. In turn...I'd make him happier than he ever thought he could be.
*shudders and refocuses* Oh blog. I won't get too graphic here. I prefer class to characterize my visual representation of sex appeal but it still may not be safe for work. There'll be occasional nude backsides many of which will be of my own; those are my specialty. There may just be other beautiful nude forms at some point as well so be advised.
Know that I'm no cross dresser exactly, but I do like to push some gender boundaries with underwear and sexy fitness clothing. The selfies will be tagged as such and there will be plenty of those (#me). I hope you like them. I like to make new friends so feel free to interact with me regardless of your motivation. I'm open as can be. You must be 18 to enter and all that jazz about taking posts down if it's yours or offensive yada yada yada...feel free to contact me on that. Enjoy.
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  • While we’re on the topic! Here was the drive we took from the Bay Area several hours north on this classic, PCH twisting, bending, hilly winder of a road to Mendocino. The last one is a view from our room out into the Pacific. The Pacific Ocean is utterly mesmerizing. I feel drawn in by it in a way that the Atlantic just can’t measure up to. It’s so much more wild and untamed. There are huge sections of beach visible everywhere along the coastline around those headlands that so obviously repel humans from venturing out on to them. The cliffs and jagged rock and huge surf tell you to just go ahead and be comfortable viewing that beach head from way the f—k up there where it’s safe for you. Then the seals and birds of prey and blue water and huge sunsets? Oy…

    I haven’t shot any new photos in some time. As some of you’ve seen…I was away to what one sweet follower referred to as the, “The Gay Bay”. *smile* I was visiting the San Francisco area staying with loved ones. I’m back and settling into a routine again. I LOVE that part of our country. I could totally live there if circumstances were different. But…I LOVE where I live so I can not complain at all. 

    Just before I left, these super cute undies arrived from Bodyaware and I haven’t really had the chance to wear them at all. Though I suspect now that I’m back…an opportunity beyond this one may just crop up ; ) I was excited to share these ones with you once I had the chance. It got my heart beating a wee faster taking photos wearing these racy little things.

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